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Here is my current bookmark page that I use when doing HTML.

last updated Sep 22, 1998.

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Getting a WebPage!

(where to find a service providor and general FAQ)
The List™
thedirectory recomendations listed.
Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions
Web Based Whois Search Find out who registered a domain name, or if your favorite name has been taken at all.
Domain Name Registration Agreement Generator Register, Modify or Delete a Domain name.
InterNIC Template Tool Suite general tools for domain users that have registered.

Graphics: Patterns, Icons, Buttons, Lines, etc.

browser-safe color cube
Browser Safe colors. Save image locally and save the pallette.


Visual Jewel Mine (and these are lovely!)
Sharon's Ace of Space Backgrounds
Art a la Carte
Design Originals
Texture Land
Background Paradise links to it all!


Animation amazingly huge collection of animated GIFs!

Buttons, Bars, Clipart, etc.:

Leo's Icon Archive
Gilbert's Icon Archive
Global Human Web Links International Flags
Jim's Cool Icons Planets, Diodes, Widgets, marbles, chicklets and nameplates
Bryces Buttons and Widgets
Octagamm's Ball Boutique Anything to do with buttons and balls, as well as decorative lettering and backgrounds
Free Art for HTML decorative lettering, buttons, bars, and ani-men
desktopPublishing's Image Paradise This guy even made a special alphabet listing for me!
SABERSPACE: THE GRAPHICS DEPOT Really pretty line collection. This site occasionally dissapears for short periods of time.
Fairy Suryana's 3-D Library Some nice images, but you need a TREMENDOUS amount of patience to get through all the advertising crap he's got all over his site.
Randy's Icon and Image Bazaar Good resource of icons and banners etc separated by style and use.
The Clipart Connection Theme Specific Clip Art Links.
Barry's Clip Art Server Probably the largest clipart collection around...
The Icon Browser Icons. Like desktop icon-sized icons.

Listings: The ULTIMATE Desktop Publishing Resource What can I say, he's got it covered!
The Clip Art Connection Clip Art Links.
Caboodles of Clip Art Clip Art Links.
The Global Prepress Center
Search Yahoo for CLIP ART.

Useful Web Editing Tools

Tool Land Go here to find all my favorite Tools and plug ins!
Tool Land (copy) Go here to find all my favorite Tools and plug ins!

Background Colors

Background Color Selector Page Lets you preview. Pick all basic colors and see it online.
Color Backgrounds Shows a tiny image to match color to text code. Or see the Text Only version if you remember the colors name.
Color Maker Uses Table.
Color Index Uses frames.

How To Web Resources

HTML Special Characters List How to make those weird &©®™¥ Characters!
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
The Web Developer's Virtual Library (
Composing Good HTML
How do they do that with HTML? Awesome listing of tips and tricks.
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML . provides a "cheat sheet" for HTML tags. Besides including virtually all HTML 2.0 tags, it also includes popular Netscape extensions and several HTML 3.0 tags.
D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site And it is! Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask.
Aurora's Introduction to HTML Good Beginner's Tutorial.
How to create a Web Page Flashy but useful...
How to Create a Home Page at Teleport Teleport specific (my providor) info, but a lot here can be applied elsewhere.
Bruce's Web Page Help!Great site with lots of information.
HyperText Markup Language (HTML) (CERN HTML Specs, listings)

Java Guides

Matt's Script Archive well, not Java, but it fits here best: Perl CGI Scripts, C++ CGI Programs, etc.
Cut-N-Paste Java Scripts
Sun's Java Applets Free applets.
Gamelan Java directory.
Timothy's JavaScript Examples Some more free java apps.
Yahoo's HTML Beginner's Guides Listings.

Web Site Promotion

Submit It!® Free service allows you to announce your Web site to about 20 search engines and directories. For a fee you can submit it to about 400.
Submit This! Free Web Site Promotion And Search Engine Submissions Submit your web site to over 50 of the most popular search engines and directories on the internet from just one form.
AAAThis service will submit your site to 100 directories for a very reasonable fee.
Exploit Submission Wizard Try the free version of the award winning site submission software.

HTML Clean-Up

WebSter's Dictionary 2.0 This program provides a forms-based gateway to a spell checker for WWW documents.It will retrieve the document and spell check it. Any HTML markup is automatically ignored. This provides an easy way to check documents for mistakes without having to deal with the problems of a traditional spell checker flagging markup code.
Doctor HTML v4 retrieves a Web page and performs several tests to see if your document is in tip-top shape.
John's LinkChecker v.1 allows you to check the links on any page. It can scan a web page for links and return a "link-checked" page. The neatest thing about it is the "Check-n-Browse" mode which allows you to browse the web, while checking links the entire time!
GifWizard really cool program which checks images on your webpage and spits out slimmed down images.

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