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There's nothing particularly original in any sense of the word about this page-- this is simply my "favorite stuff" hit list. My computers seem to go down all the time, mostly because I use them for things they aren't meant for... so I keep this page posted so I can get at these things at any time whenever I have to re-format. (Of course, anyone else is welcome to use it for what it's worth.) If there is a webpage available for any given tool, you can click on the icon on the left to get there.

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Working With Graphics | Working With Multimedia
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Basic Tools

Web InfoFile Archive(s)Description
PERL5 for DOS PERL5 3.06 for 95/NT The best text processing tool/language around
PKUNZIP 2.04g PKLITE 1.50 Create/expand ZIP, compress DOS executables
POWERTOYS 32 QUICKRES 32 PowerToys for 95 including single-click resolution changes
SCAN FOR DOS SCAN FOR 95 Monthly anti-virus scanner (shields also available)
WINZIP 32 6.2 WINZIP 16 6.2 ZIP2EXE 32 2.0 Graphical client for manipulating ZIP and making EXE files Win95/NT Make and edit animated cursors and icons. Freeware.

Tools needed for making Web Pages

Web InfoFile Archive(s)Description
HTMLpad2.5 (win95 and NT only) *LITE and awesome HTML editor
NETSCAPE 32 3.01p NETSCAPE 16 3.01 The de-facto browser to view Web documents and read news
WS_FTP LE 16/32 4.5 WS_FTP Pro 16/32 4.5 Graphical FTP client allows profiles and easy browsing

Working with Graphics and Images

Web InfoFile Archive(s)Description
Capture v1.4.6 *Lite Freeware capture utility for making screen snapshots.
GIFCON 32 1.0P GIFCON 16 1.0P Create/edit animated GIF images and AVI files
LView Pro 2.0 (LVSETUP.EXE) *Lightweight* size/quant/snap/cropper for Web images
PSHOPPRO 32 4.12 PSHOPPRO 16 3.11 Full image editor with filters, equal to Photoshop

Working with Multimedia

Web InfoFile Archive(s)Description
ACDSEE 32 2.1 ACDSEE 16 1.5 Image browser w/thumbnails and supports all formats
Mapedit 2.3 Win95/NT Mapedit 2.3 Win3.1 Image Mapping utility
SOUND GADGET 32 1.5.2 32-bit sound player (records, converts, and edits as well)
v3.24 for Windows 95/NT v3.03 for Windows 3.1 v2.14 for Windows 3.1 on old systems .wav, .voc, .afc, .au, and binary data sound file editor.


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Browser Plug-Ins

QuickTime .mov player (for Windows and Mac.)
QuickTimeVR Virtual Reality plugin (Windows and Mac.)
Real Audio real time audio plugin.
SuperScape really cool VR plugin and websites.
VDOLive Realtime Video & Audio
Netscapes Plug-In Library

Cool Screen-Savers

Web InfoFile Archive(s)Description
UFO Screen Saver 1.4 For Win 95/NT4 (151 kb) 3D rendered warbling UFOs
Psychedellic Frog Screensaver(Win3.x,95,NT) (375KB) system set at 256 colors
Screen Paver for Win 95/NT (1.4, 274k) Create your own slideshow.