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Welcome to John Lightner's home page. I am fifteen years old I have created this web page because I had nothing better to do. I am home schooled through CHES which is part of the public school system. They do not yet have a web page yet, sorry. I live about a block from Scripps Institute so obviously I surf. If you would like to see a picture of Scripps and the pier click here.

I am some what of a pack rat you can tell that because I currently have fourteen whole, and 2 half, surfboards and about ten bikes. If you counted the boards in the picture you would find that there are only eleven and a half, but since this picture was taken I have purchased 3 1/2 surf boards. I am an eighth generation Californian on my dad's side of the family. To see him click here. My sister is eleven years of age and goes to The Gillispie School. To see the computer I did this all from click here.

I live to build bikes and I stopped counting how many I have when I got to twenty. The latest bike I built has a side cart and an electric motor, requiring a "borrowed" 12V battery car and charger to power it. The motor is on the front fork. Click here for a picture of my electric bike. My most expensive bike is a P.K. Ripper XL which cost me a total of $1,486.37. To see this money pit click here. Recently I bought a hybrid model surfboard which is not in the above picture, but to see it you can click here. I have a few boards for sale but you must make an offer on them by e-mail. You can see the pictures by clicking here.

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