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"Feed Me!"

I'm a nine-year old, seven-inch long goldfish won by John Lightner at the La Jolla Country Day School Fun Fair. He lobbed a ping-pong ball into my jar when he was six...and I was but a "small-fry". I've out-lasted all the other fish he won that 9 years. I live in a ten-gallon tank over the kitchen sink. I like to watch people. I beg for food in the morning. The rest of my day is spent sucking on rocks and spitting them out. I like to make loud noises when I think I'm being ignored. I don't like to be touched. I live in fear of being replaced by a tropical fish tank "screen-saver" on the kitchen computer.

Due to my "Web presence" I occasionally get fan mail...mostly from people, but once from another another country! Don't expect a quick reply to fan mail...until Microsoft makes an egonomically correct underwater keyboard for finned creatures, I'm going to have to let my "food source" do the typing while I dictate...and it's getting harder and harder to get his attention in the morning...must be getting old!! [Cheap shot! -bdl]

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