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 Hey, I'm Evie Lightner. I was born in La Jolla, California. I am 15 years old and am currently attending my Sophomore year at La Jolla High School. My classes include: PE, Honors Int.Alg., Adv. Bio, Journalism, Adv. Eng., and AP spanish 7-8. I love to bike, swim, dance, listen to music, and skateboard. I love all kinds of music but I have a special place in my heart for punk, classic and hard rock. Ever since I was little I've loved Nirvana and the Offspring, probably because of my brother, but what the hey. I like to hang with my pals and go to church. I go to the La Jolla United Methodist Church.

Here is a picture of me bored out of my wits at my cousin's birthday party. I live with my parents in La Jolla. My brother attends Mesa College. And here is my brother and the love of my life, my dog Cooper. We really have three pets. One is the dog below, Cooper. Cooper is a three-year-old pure bred golden retriever. BB, our other dog is a guamanian boonie dog. She truly is an endangered species as she is about the only remaining three-legged boonie dog. our last pet is our part siamese cat named, by my brother, Edel Brock. I call her kitty. Secretly my brother has another cat named Paxton. She's really cute and quite playful.

Four of my cousins live with me, they showed up on our front door step in a basket one day, so we decided to take them in. They floated here from Guam. No actually none of that is true except for the part that they're from Guam. They are, in order of age: Roseann, Beth, Risa, and Jonathan. Here's some pictures of them.

Every year my family has traveled back east to Manitowish Waters, one of the best places in the world. The first year I went, we jumped off a local bridge and each year either the water rises or the bridge sinks, but it is still the same fun. Here are some pictures of the last years I've gone.

This is the bridge and Pompey's Piller the first year we went back East

This is me standing in front of the majestic Grand Canyon, also in the first year.

The second year we went was a little colder, unfortunately, but we still got out and had some fun. Poker isn't one of my better skills, as shown in the middle picture.

I was in charge of burrying these guys in the sand. If I had the choice, I would've burried them completely.

Here's my home away from home. Complete with pillows, footrests, musics, rootbeer and Valentino, the bear.
And finally here are pictures of the last time we went, summer of 1999.


And just recently, March 16, 2000, I underwent surgery for my bunion - or however you spell it. This is the glamorous shot taken before the pin was yanked out.

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