Cooper's Home Page

Cooper is a member of the Lightner family, and happens to be a golden retriever. Like all golden retrievers, Cooper loves people. He does have an attitude, and will not let anyone push him around. His hobbies include eating, sleeping, and playing with his dog toy's. Like all the Lightner kids, he's smart. Unlike most of the Lightner kids, he responds well to verbal commands.

At 8 weeks Cooper could sit, speak, and shake hands. At 12-weeks, he knew "louder" (when he doesn't speak loud enough the first time) and "other paw" (when he "shakes" with the wrong paw). At four months, Cooper had learned "sit up", "rotate", "roll_over", and "high-five". He's still working on "no"! He new hobbies include digging up Sherri's plants, swimming, and chasing sea-gulls at the beach...which he vists almost every day.

To see him grow, surf on over to his photo site once a week. (Or, if you have a modern Web browser, check out his "clickable" photo collage.)

John Lightner Sat Jul 26 15:09:23 PDT 1997