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Category: Microelectronics


Bruce D. Lightner , Metaflow Technologies Inc.

Conference: Hot Chips VI 1994

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Tape Description

The Thunder Sparc superscalar microprocessor chipset is the first processor to implement the Metaflow Architecture. This architecture exploits instruction-level parallelism present in conventional sequential programs by hardware means, without relying on sophisticated optimizing compilers. The Thunder processor is capable of executing instruction both out-of-order and speculatively. Unlike conventional processors, instruction execution is not limited to the order in which the instructions were fetched. Instructions following conditional branches are executed speculatively. Based on a predicted direction, the effects of mispredicted branches are quickly repaired. Precise traps and interrupts are supported by the architecture, effectively hiding the complexity of out-of-order, speculative execution from the programmer. This videolecture is based on the speaker's presentation at HOT CHIPS VI (1994).

Tape Length: 24 minutes
Date Recorded: Aug 94
Usage Suggestions: Upper-division/Graduate-level/Industry & Professional Use

Speaker Biography

Bruce Lightner is Vice President of Development, a Founder of Metaflow Technologies and co-inventor of the Metaflow architecture. He holds a BA in chemistry from the University of California, San Diego. He also completed several years of graduate study in geo/cosmo-chemistry.

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