Re: AT90CAN128 bootloader

by Bruce D. Lightner Nov 25, 2006; 09:20am

Larry Barello wrote:
> I took Jason Kyle's boot-loader and reworked it to fit in 512
> words.  A version that should be relatively easy to modify for
> your needs can be found in the files section of Yahoogroups
> "avrrobotcontrol".  You will need to sign up for Yahoogroups
> to see it & download.  it is a stand-alone program using GCC.
> You load it into the target chip and then use the old fashion
> STK500 protocol to communicate.  With a 16mhz crystal you won't
> be able to use "STK500.exe" as that is fixed for 115.2kbaud and
> you can't get that baud rate with a 16mhz crystal; use AvrDude,
> which works fine.
> The specific loader is for a mega16, but many of the classic chips
> can be specified (look at the source) and new ones easily added.
> For the mega128 the code is fixed for USART1, but again, easy
> to change.
> Cheers!

Nice work!  Compiled with avr-gcc 3.4.6 it uses just 418 instructions
out of 512 and it works with "avrdude"!

Yahoo groups is a bit of a "pain" that others may not have the patience
for!  (Why do they need to know my sex, birthday and my mother's maiden
name?).  I've posted a ZIP file here too...

Best regards,


 Bruce D. Lightner
 Lightner Engineering
 La Jolla, California
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