24-Hour Emergency Light

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
from the Lightners!

If you've found this page then you most likely received a hand-made 24-Hour Emergency "Lightner Light" from one of the Lightners of La Jolla, CA as a 2009 Christmas gift.

Here are answers to common questions about this handy device:

  • How long will the battery last?

    With a fresh 9-volt alkiline battery the light is good for well over 24 hours---even after 5 years sitting on a shelf.

  • How long will the LED bulbs last?

    The manufacturer claims the "super-bright" white LED lights are good for over 100,000 hours---or over 11 years continuously on. (We're still testing their claim!)

  • What is the black rubber "boot" for?

    That's to keep junk out of the "electronics". It is optional. The light will function just fine without it. (The "boot" is made from recycled bicycle tubes.)

  • How do I change the battery?

    Remove the rubber "boot" and then pry off the small circuit card from the 9-volt battery's terminals. Snap the circuit card back on a fresh 9-volt battery and then replace the rubber "boot".

  • What kind of 9-volt battery should I use?

    Any type will work. Alkaline batteries last longer than cheap "general purpose" batteries. Lithium batteries give the best shelf-life and burn time. For example, a Duracell Ultralife Lithium 9-volt will burn for 60+ hours, with shelf life of 10 years.

  • What if my light gets wet?

    In some cases, the LEDs will glow dimly in the off position until everything dries out. You can unsnap the circuit card from the battery and let it air dry---or use a hair dryer to remove the moisture more quickly.

  • What happens if my light stops working?

    All "Lightner Lights" have a lifetime warranty! (That would be my lifetime!)

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